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    • Siège social
      Bürkert Contromatic S.A.S.
      Rue du Giessen
      F-67220 Triembach au Val
      Téléphone +33 388 58 91 11
      Télécopieur +33 388 57 20 08
      E-Mail ohexreg.senapr@ohrexreg.pbz
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      Rue du Giessen
      F-67220 Triembach au Val
      Téléphone +33 388 58 91 00
      Télécopieur +33 388 57 09 61
      E-Mail ohexreg.senapr@ohrexreg.pbz
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Le code de conduite Bürkert

We act and live upon these values

As an international family-owned company based in Germany, the Bürkert Group is active in the development, production and sales of 'Fluid Control Systems'. Our entrepreneurial success, which stands for the effective employment of our highly qualified and responsible staff, is mainly based on customer orientation, technical know-how, efficient production and consistent delegation of responsibilities within a process-oriented, flat hierarchy structure. In order to implement the aforesaid an ongoing organizational and personnel development is necessary, both on a national and on an international level. To safeguard the success of our company, we have some basic values that guide the cooperation both inside and outside our company. These values are very important to the shareholders, the advisory board and the executive board of the Bürkert Group:

  • Mutual respect, fairness and honesty
  • Equal treatment, regardless of sex, race and religion
  • Showing respect for other cultures
  • Observing the existent countries' laws
  • Taking social and ecological responsibility into the operating work process

We act and live upon these values via our leadership principles, the worldwide process organization and our Bürkert culture. Outside our company, they define our way of doing business with both our customers and our suppliers. All in all, they embody our conduct with the aim to solve technical, organizational and interpersonal problems.


Corporate Responsibility

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